Our Firm

Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky exists to make complicated issues less complicated and stressful times less so. Our purpose is to help you navigate through the storm and chart a course to calm waters. We seek to see you through life’s most difficult challenges, which so often come with no warning, while helping you provide for a brilliant future.

Simply put, your peace of mind is our reason for being.

We blend a warm, small-town approach to our clients with sophisticated, big city skills to the practice of law. Our values are a bit old-fashioned, but our abilities are cutting edge. We believe strongly that relationships matter, which is why we put you front and center. In troubled times, we seek to put your mind at ease. We understand you because, in many ways, we’re very much like you: Hard working, fun loving, family focused and friendly. Most of all, we really listen.

A big part of what sets us apart is that, unlike many firms that take on every case that comes along, offering “general practice” services in all areas of the law, we don’t dabble.

Each of our lawyers is grounded in a specific area, offering a specific expertise that runs deep. We work as a team, referring each case that comes to our office to the attorney best equipped to handle it. We also have well-established relationships with other firms so that, if a case comes to us that doesn’t fall into an area where we have expertise, your need will be met.

Our goal is to serve as your trusted counselor, to be a friendly, accessible and caring advisor who not only sees you through difficult passages but who also guides you over the long haul to look to the horizon and take control of your future.