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Protecting landowner interests in pipeline easements

If you’re a landowner in eastern Ohio’s Utica and/or Marcellus shale play, you may hear from an oil company intending to develop infrastructure in your area. Midstream companies need to lay oil and gas pipelines to transport the product from the well site. Oil and midstream companies are developing pipeline systems to transport the product from well sites to processing facilities to other parts of the Unite States. Your property may be situated to provide an easement for pipelines, whether they are gathering lines or interstate pipelines. However, you must be aware that easements are complex legal contracts. The terms the oil company presents to you will be weighted in its favor. Fortunately, the oil and gas attorneys at Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky Co., L.P.A. are experienced in easement negotiations.

Considerations for negotiating a pipeline easement in Ohio

When granting an easement, you must know exactly what rights you are granting the oil company. Our oil and gas attorneys keep your interests in the forefront as we negotiate each term of your agreement:

  • Payment — Whether the company sets a price based on the length of pipe or the value of disturbed acreage, we help ensure that you get fair market value for the easement.
  • Number and Location — How many lines? Where? We ensure that the needs of your farm or other commercial enterprise are respected.
  • Depth — How much cover from the top of the pipeline(s) to the surface of your property?
  • Surface structures — What structures can be located on the surface? Meter site or valve setting? Pig launchers and receiver? Compressor site?
  • Reclamation — What does the easement require for reclamation? How quickly must the work be completed? Reclamation problems will arise. We’ve been involved with a number of reclamation issues in the past couple of years alone. What protections does your easement offer?
  • Liability — Is the oil company required to defend you in court and pay your attorney fees, or is the oil company only responsible for damages in the event you or the oil company is held liable for loss to person or property?

Our lawyers have successfully negotiated for landowners throughout eastern Ohio and are determined to obtain the best terms possible for you and your property.

Contact our Zanesville oil and gas lawyers to negotiate your pipeline easement

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