Long Term Care Planning

A common question you might hear friends or family ask is,  “How am I going to be able to pay for health care as I age?”  They explain that someone they know “lost everything” because they had to go to the nursing home. I’ve heard many clients explain that they thought “nothing could be done” because of the 5 year look back period for Medicaid. I’ve heard many veterans explain that they thought because they never were stationed outside of the United States, that they could not receive any benefits to help pay for long term care.

Well, I am happy to report that these are all popular misconceptions. Actually, there are many techniques available to protect assets….even if someone has a crisis situation and requires long term care. Also, for veterans non-service connected pension purposes, there is no requirement of overseas service! Please visit the following pages on our website for more information:

Medicaid Asset Protection Planning

Veterans Benefits Planning

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