March 2021 SWBW Newsletter – Thank you, Fellow Small-Business Owners!

Thank You, Fellow Small-Business Owners!

America was built on the backs of small-business owners. Every day that entrepreneurs wake up, work hard, and grow their businesses, they have an impact on the community and the people they employ. And I’m not just blowing smoke. According to the Family Owned Business Institute in Michigan, family-owned businesses account for 78% of job creation in the U.S. and employ 63% of the workforce. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and families with a dream are changing lives just by putting in the hard … CONTINUE READING

How to Be More Patient and Less Stressed

In this fast-paced world, it can be easy to grow impatient. Things as small as waiting for a slow website to load or waiting in a long line for coffee can sometimes leave people feeling frustrated and anxious. Practicing patience helps reduce stress and helps you realize it’s okay if something takes a few extra minutes. If you find yourself feeling impatient, here are a few helpful … CONTINUE READING

3 Irish Travel Destinations for Your Bucket List

Traveling to Ireland might not be an option for you right now, but like a leprechaun hoarding gold, you can still fill up your bucket list with all of the pubs, rolling hills, and lucky sites you’d love to see. This month when you’re planning your trip to Dublin, Galway, or Cork, add these spots to your … CONTINUE READING

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