May 2021 – SWBW Newsletter – The Unexpected Benefits of Stretching

The Unexpected Benefits of Stretching

I can hear the grumbling now: “Stretching? Who wants to hear about stretching? Boooring!” But let’s get real folks. There’s a good reason we all learned as young students in gym class that stretching before and after exercise is essential. In fact, there are several good reasons. Of course, there are also good reasons people don’t love to stretch. While most young people are limber enough to jump straight into the game and skip the cooldown, once we get older, we start to … CONTINUE READING

5 Best Recipe Apps for a Healthier Mind and Body

If you’re always in a rush, it’s quite possible that food delivery apps have been your best friend during the pandemic. But they may also make it difficult to stay healthy! Save yourself both time and money by replacing your food delivery apps with these … CONTINUE READING

Could Vaccine Passports Open Doors for Travel?

Are you hoping to travel this summer? Not like how you “traveled” from your bedroom to your living room couch all this past year, but really travel — get out and see the world beyond your hometown.

With the COVID-19 vaccines finally available, millions of people are becoming … CONTINUE READING

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