Meet your Estate, Healthcare and Wealth Preservation Team!

Courtney Haug

Courtney is the Estate, Healthcare & Wealth Preservation Case Manager. In many cases she will be your primary “go to” person here at our office. She is well versed in the Medicaid and Veterans Benefits and will be able to answer many of your questions. You will likely see her during document signings as well. Click the video link above to find out more about Courtney.

Michael Bryan

Mike is responsible for all of the legal aspects and strategies of your case whether it involves the use of Irrevocable Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Revocable Trusts and much more. He will be one of the contacts with the Department of Veterans Affairs and/or the Department of Job and Family Services if your case involves a pursuit of either of those benefits. From an estate planning standpoint, he is responsible for the strategies involved to help prepare documents that are necessary to meet your goals.


With each of the above team members you can have the confidence that your case is being taken care of by a very dedicated group. By having these different roles, it allows our office to efficiently meet your Estate, Healthcare & Wealth Preservation planning goals.