Times Recorder Series “Ace of Trades” Features SWBW Attorney, Kyle Witucky

An internship sealed the deal for attorney Kyle Witucky

Kyle Witucky started his college education by studying engineering, then psychology and then political science before switching to law. He now works at Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky in Zanesville.

Kyle Witucky started his college education by studying engineering, then psychology and then political science before switching to law. He now works at Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky in Zanesville. (Photo: Chris Crook/Times Recorder)


ZANESVILLE – He’s a very talented athlete who went to college to study engineering and psychology – who became an attorney. Such is the life of Kyle Witucky.

“I enjoy helping people,” he explained. “My goal is to help clients achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.”

Now 36, Witucky grew up in Zanesville, graduated from Zanesville High School in 2002, The College of Wooster in 2006, then he earned a law degree from Capital University Law School in 2010.

“I grew up on Euclid Avenue, behind Shirley’s Pharmacy,” he reminisced, “and spent many hours playing sports with kids in the neighborhood, riding bikes to and from Westview Elementary and through the surrounding neighborhoods.

“Through middle school (Roosevelt) and high school, I lived in the gym,” he continued. “I worked hard academically, but spent most of my time in the gym, aiming to play for the Blue Devils and hopefully earn a college scholarship. I was inspired by the success of the Zanesville basketball team during the mid-90s and dreamed of wearing a Zanesville uniform before a packed gymnasium, just like our idols my friends and I watched during the 90s.

“My dad and I spent many hours on the baseball fields at Y-City Midget League,” he added, “and during the cooler months, we spent many hours in local basketball gyms. I wanted to ‘be like Mike,’ and dreamed of someday being a professional athlete, whether baseball or basketball.”

Witucky did play point guard for the Zanesville basketball team during his sophomore, junior and senior years. He was named to the Division 1 All-Ohio Team his senior year. He also played all four years on a very successful Wooster team. He decided, by the way, to give up baseball after his freshman year in high school to focus on basketball.

“I received a couple of athletic scholarship offers,” he said, “but ultimately decided to take an academic scholarship offer from The College of Wooster, while continuing my basketball career there.

“At Wooster, I bounced from engineering to psychology to political science,” he added. “Practicing law didn’t even cross my mind until I started considering the political science and pre-law programs at Wooster.”

He additionally contacted a local attorney about an internship to test the real-world legal waters. It worked. Witucky was convinced.

“Once I decided on law school,” he said, “I knew I was going to practice law. The question was where. In the back of my mind, I was intrigued about the idea of returning home to a smaller-town practice. I met with a friend and now law partner, Mark Watson, for what was supposed to be a quick breakfast on a Saturday morning. A few hours later, Mark confirmed what I had suspected – that Zanesville is a great place to have a career, get involved in the community and raise a family.”

Witucky joined Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky in August 2010, focusing largely on estate planning, succession planning for business owners and farming families, tax planning, as well as oil and gas issues.

“Kyle has that ability to know the questions to ask and not get worked-up,” assessed John Saunders, owner of Saunders Machine Works, as well as a friend and client. “His blood pressure doesn’t go up. His voice doesn’t go up. He’s able to recognize how to handle the situation and offer advice. He’s a great guy.”

“I have terrific clients and my practice is busier than I ever anticipated,” Witucky responded. “I have a wonderful wife and two children, family in town and an amazing group of friends. I’m very fortunate.”

Stubbins, Watson, Bryan & Witucky Co., L.P.A. is located at 59 N. 4th Street in Zanesville. For more information, call 740-452-8484 or log on www.swbwlawfirm.com.

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