2022 June Newsletter – Interview with Shawna Milatovich from Caretenders

4 Leadership Signs to Heed

Don’t freak out — but we are already halfway through 2022. Have you accomplished what you set out to do yet? Are you on track to do so? Have you completely forgotten your goals for the sake of merely just getting through each day? (I think I speak for all entrepreneurs when I say the latter can happen to the best of … CONTINUE READING

3 Cooking Hacks to Eat Better

Making a meal plan is a pain, but you still want to get all your necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein through everyday foods. Even if you’re not a cooking expert, you can employ a few very simple cooking hacks in the dishes you commonly prepare! You’ll be surprised how these little boosts can reap big, nutritious … CONTINUE READING

Is Travel Insurance Worth Your Money?

If you’ve ever booked a plane ticket or hotel stay online, you’ve probably been offered an opportunity to “protect” your purchase for an additional fee. Since you’re spending big dollars on your trip, you may have hovered over the option, wondering if it’s a wise investment or a quick money-making … CONTINUE READING

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