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Overcome Stress — With the Right Help

I know the past couple of years of the pandemic have been isolating and stressful for many. Unfortunately, this is bad news in more ways than one: Developing chronic stress can lead to increased risk of heart disease, heartburn, and many other health problems. So, keeping stress low is crucial as we … CONTINUE READING

Strengthen Your Entire Body!

The weather is getting warmer, which means you can do more activities in the water. Canoeing or kayaking is an excellent way to get outdoors and be active. Besides looking at the beautiful scenery around you, taking to the water confers several physical and mental health … CONTINUE READING

Hate Souvenir Shopping? Let’s Make It Easy

A way to preserve or share a piece of your trip is to bring home a souvenir, but choosing a souvenir isn’t always a stress-free experience. How do you pick the perfect souvenir and not just the first thing you see in a tourist shop? Here are some tips for picking a truly meaningful gift for yourself or your loved … CONTINUE READING

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