2022 SWBW Newsletter – Major change about Medicaid treatment of IRAs in Ohio!

5 Invaluable Life Lessons of Camping

Camping with friends or family can be a wonderful experience. Building tents together or chatting by the bonfire while roasting marshmallows allows you to unwind and relax. But what I really love is going camping to self-reflect with no distractions. There is something truly special and rewarding about it. But camping has many life-changing benefits — here are just a few … CONTINUE READING

Should You Use Video-Based Marketing?

People spend most of their time at home now more than ever. This is one of the reasons why video-based marketing is becoming so popular. It allows your audience to engage with you and influencers and learn about your products, and it will enable customers to shop while watching your videos. Here are ways you can incorporate video-based marketing into your business … CONTINUE READING

3 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America

When you go to a nice restaurant, you’re not just paying for food — you’re also paying for an experience. Decor might be the last thing on a guest’s mind, but with the right design, some restaurants are absolutely breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorites … CONTINUE READING

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