A Fresh Perspective – November 2020 SWBW newsletter

A Fresh Perspective

This year was a mess. Many businesses were not prepared for the roller coaster ride that started in early 2020. By March, most businesses were told to close their doors or restrict access to the general public. As a result, many businesses struggled and some never reopened. There was a lot of bad news. But we’re not here to talk about bad news. We’re here to talk about good news … CONTINUE READING

Ice, Ice, Lawsuit

Sometimes, there is such a thing as “too much ice.” You’re sipping your cold beverage when suddenly, it’s gone far quicker than you expected. All you’re left with is a cup full of ice. It’s disappointing, for sure, but is it so disappointing that you would want to file a lawsuit against the company that supplied the beverage? … CONTINUE READING

Is ‘Glamping’ the Perfect Winter Getaway?

When COVID-19 struck the U.S., travel restrictions had people canceling their vacation plans left and right. This meant that many would-be vacationers had to find some getaways a little closer to home — namely, camping trips and their fancier cousin … CONTINUE READING

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