Major VA rule change!

  • Under new rules published September 18th, the VA is making it more difficult to receive Improved Pension benefits. (commonly referred to as Aid & Attendance)
  • These benefits can be used to help pay for home healthcare, assisted living or nursing home care.
  • The current benefit awards range between $14,113 and $26,036 per year in tax free income.
  • The new rule imposes a three year look back on asset transfers.
  • This rule will be effective on October 18, 2018, leaving a very short window to take advantage of this benefit under the current rules.
  • Take action now to use these benefits to your advantage!!!
  • If you are a Veteran or Widow(er) of a Veteran and want help paying for long term care costs:
  • Contact my office as soon as possible at 740-452-8484 to determine if you would benefit from VA Benefits Planning.
  • Complete all Asset Protection Planning before the October 18th
  • If you provide services for veterans, it is important that you and your team know about these new rules. Contact my office to find out about upcoming workshops and training opportunities on the new rules or clients can call directly if time is of the essence.