February 2021 SWBW Newsletter – Sticking with your goals through the rest of the year

Sticking With Your Goals Through the Rest of the Year

If you’re a forward-thinking, hardworking person, you probably set at least a few business or personal goals every January. You may have even accomplished some of them! Chances are, however, there are probably just as many that you haven’t achieved. In fact, studies in recent years have shown that by the second week of February, around 80% of New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned … CONTINUE READING

How to Make Great Meals With a Box and Straw

The invention of gas and electric stoves forever changed the way we cook our food. We are no longer reliant on open flames for a hearty, nutritious meal, and cooking is now a lot safer. Yet, there are some methods from the past that are timeless … CONTINUE READING

Is Air Travel as Risky as You Think?

Back in March, when the pandemic first started to affect our daily lives, the number of U.S. airlines’ international passengers fell by 53% from the previous year. In April, the difference was even more stark — a drop around 96% … CONTINUE READING

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