January 2021 SWBW Newsletter -Don’t give up on your dreams

Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

When it comes to fulfilling our dreams, there’s a lot that could distract us from those goals. Unfortunately, for hundreds of thousands of people, 2020 was one large distraction. Over the course of every hardship last year, many people may have lost sight of their dreams. Yet, even if you’ve … CONTINUE READING

How to Deduct Charitable Contributions on Your 2020 Taxes

Many people tackled deep-cleaning projects while spending more time at home last year. If your cleaning spree ended in donating items to a local charity, or if you donated funds to help local organizations supporting pandemic relief, you can look forward to some tax breaks! To feel confident in claiming them, here’s what you need to know … CONTINUE READING

The Best Airports to Get Stuck In

While travel has been down over the past year, people still have places to be and things to do all over the world. Air travel is still very much alive, and many carriers have adapted to the global situation. While travel numbers may be down, one thing hasn’t changed: Countless travelers still find themselves … CONTINUE READING

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