SWBW June 2020 Newsletter

Consumer Trust and Risk: Building
Your Credibility

Over the past few decades, we’ve heard a lot of public outrage about companies betraying consumer trust. Whether they’re considering tobacco products or baby powder from Johnson & Johnson, Americans have become more proactive about placing their trust in the items they use. More than ever, establishing trust has become an incredibly important aspect of every business’s marketing strategy … CONTINUE READING

Bolster Your Child’s Literacy With Newsela

If you are looking for easy-to-implement strategies to improve your child’s literacy at home, check out Newsela. Newsela is a content platform that partners with sources like The Washington Post, Smithsonian.com, and The Economist to provide content that is relevant to the moment on a broad variety of topics … CONTINUE READING

Botanical Gardens in the US

In 1842, the Wilkes Expedition returned from its trek across the Pacific Ocean on behalf of the United States government, having visited parts of Portugal, Brazil, Antarctica, and Fiji. Among the specimens the explorers brought back from their travels were collections of plants gathered from around the world — just what the young nation needed to start its very first botanical garden … CONTINUE READING

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