SWBW Newsletter – December 2021

Refreshing Your Small Business in 2022

Small businesses did not stand a chance midyear in 2020 and running into 2021. Although many businesses have reopened, losses are still substantial, and many are not seeing the same return on investment they had pre-pandemic. Now, learning to regrow is both essential and challenging … CONTINUE READING

Meet Your New Favorite Winter Sport

When celebrities jet off to Aspen, Colorado, for their winter vacations, they might not all be going to ski. According to Forbes, Aspen is also a top snowshoeing destination — and that’s a sport that celebrities and ordinary people of all ages can enjoy … CONTINUE READING

The Benefits of Facial Massages

Our faces are filled with muscles that we use every day to talk, eat, express our emotions, and more. It makes sense that these facial muscles could benefit from some relaxation and loosening up. Getting a facial massage may seem silly the first time you try it, but this practice has some surprising benefits … CONTINUE READING

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