Transform Your Favorite Foods! – SWBW August 2020 Newsletter

Transform Your Favorite Foods

Everyone has their culinary vices. For some, nothing beats a slice of chocolate cake, and for others, it’s a hearty bowl of mac and cheese. But these guilty pleasures are often packed with highly refined carbohydrates, added sugars, too many heart-unhealthy fats, and a whole lot of  …CONTINUE READING

Cultivating Creativity to Optimize Efficiency in 3 Steps

Why did some companies thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic while others had to shut their doors forever? The answer is simple: Successful companies embraced creative solutions to overcome the obstacles of the shelter-in-place orders. Creativity is key to a profitable business. Innovative problem-solving is how business leaders come up with new ideas, address unexpected issues, and inspire their teams during difficult times. Here are a few habits that resourceful entrepreneurs … CONTINUE READING

Why We Still Need Travel Agencies

Once upon a time, you couldn’t plan a vacation without using a travel agent. They would book your flights and hotels, provide information about local activities, and point you to the best sites to see. But with the advent of the internet, it seemed travel agencies would become obsolete. However, these services are actually far from disappearing: Nearly 20% of travelers still use an agency. Because the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people travel for the foreseeable future, travel advisors, as they’re now called, are more valuable than … CONTINUE READING

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