How to refer someone to Michael Bryan

You’ve reached this page because you know a resident, patient, client, friend or loved one who could benefit from meeting with Attorney Michael T. Bryan. They are welcome to call our office at 740-452-8484 and speak to his Case Manager, Courtney Haug.  If you wish for us to reach out directly to them, please complete the contact form here and explain that they wish to schedule an appointment with him.

In some instances, folks are reluctant to contact an attorney because they may not think it is needed, they may be worried about cost, and in some cases may be intimidated by the process! As someone who may have referred cases before, you already know that many people don’t think they need an attorney for their Estate, Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits planning.


-They don’t know how to protect potentially thousands of dollars from being spent on unnecessary probate or guardianship proceedings

-They don’t know who to protect up to one half or more of their assets from being spent down to qualify for Medicaid

-They don’t know that they might be eligible for anywhere between $15,816 – $29,175 in tax free income from the VA

-They don’t know how all of these programs  can be used to obtain home healthcare, assisted living or nursing home care

You have the wonderful opportunity to help folks qualify for these programs, get the care they need and protect their assets from the cost of long term healthcare!

If  your referral would like to receive a free copy of any of my reports, please click the link below and enter their information:

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Estate, Medicaid & VA Benefits Planning – An Ohio Guide

If they are unsure what to expect at a meeting, then email this link.

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Referrals from folks like you are one of the nicest compliments we receive. Thanks so much for your confidence in what we do!