January SWBW Newsletter – want to try something new this winter?

Why You Should Add Yoga to Your Routine While you may already balance your strength and cardio exercise, have you ever considered incorporating yoga into your workout? Yoga packs many benefits for your mind and body that can complement your fitness routine. Not only does yoga strengthen muscles, boost flexibility, improve balance, relieve stress and […]

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2022 July Newsletter – What is your favorite BBQ style?

Wait – America Has 4 BBQ Styles? I’ve noticed that people in foreign countries commonly associate the United States with barbecue — but even Americans might be surprised by the national variety within our own barbecue traditions! Whether your family partakes in one style of barbecue or a few, I decided to put together a […]

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2022 May Newsletter – Download your free book today!

Overcome Stress — With the Right Help I know the past couple of years of the pandemic have been isolating and stressful for many. Unfortunately, this is bad news in more ways than one: Developing chronic stress can lead to increased risk of heart disease, heartburn, and many other health problems. So, keeping stress low […]

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2022 SWBW April Newsletter

7 Best Pranks by US Food Brands I’ve heard my fair share of weird April Fools’ pranks, but now that I’ve looked into it, I can’t deny it: Food brands take it to a whole new level. You wouldn’t expect Peeps to get into the April Fool’s spirit … until they announced cauliflower-flavored Peeps. Gross, […]

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SWBW March 2022 Newsletter

Improve Your Mobility and Muscles as You Age Over time, I’ve realized that it’s crucial for older adults to remain active. But it can be intimidating if you haven’t exercised in a while. The workouts you may have done in your youth won’t be ideal anymore, and you might see more disadvantages than advantages if […]

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SWBW January 2022 Newsletter

5 Ways to Get Active With Your Pet Is 2022 the year you’ve sworn (again) to improve your workout routine? It can be tough to think of more enjoyable ways to get outside or exercise. But one of the best ways to stay active is to have a workout buddy — and they can even […]

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